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Commercial Heating

Here at Heating NZ, we understand the issues with heating commercial areas.

Doors swinging open, large areas, constant customer flow, and the need for a heater that will fit effortlessly into the commercial surroundings. We have a range of high-quality, infrared heaters, that will not only add warmth to any commercial environment but also style and sophistication.


Tansun heaters are designed specifically to blend into your environments, and we also have the option of branding the heater with your company colours and logo!

The Apollo ‘space heater’

has been the commercial and industrial infrared heater of choice for over 25 years. The streamlined Apollo infrared heater you see today still offers the same unrivaled reliability and easy installation.


The Apollo has been specifically designed to heat large, 'difficult to heat' buildings that require a high powered, effective, energy-efficient heating solution. The Apollo is available from 1kW-18kW configurations.

The Monaco, Sorrento, Beaver, and Spotter which are based on the Apollo heaters are also used for specific applications.

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