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Infrared heating uses a natural and safe far-infrared radiation to heat objects. Infrared heating is generally split into three categories. 

Short Wave, Medium Wave & Long Wave. Short-wave infrared is sometimes referred to as ‘near infrared’ and Long-wave infrared referred to as ‘far-infrared.

Infrared waves are part of the natural light spectrum from the sun, without skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. Just as the sun has been heating people here on earth for thousands of years, our products radiate sun-like warmth to indoor or outdoor spaces, floors, and furniture, rather than heating the air.

Why Tansun Shortwave Heaters?


The infrared short-wave technology of Tansun quartz radiant heaters instantly provide heat as soon as they are turned on. High-frequency heat waves penetrate the air without warming it, with no loss caused by draughts or from the heat rising. Long and Medium wave infrared heaters will not heat an outdoor area properly as they are both susceptible to air movement.


Tansun offer the most complete ‘full shortwave’ heating solution due to the construction and design of our high sheen smooth parabolic reflectors which direct the heat uniformly outwards providing heat where it is required. Inferior shortwave heaters will have reflectors which are fragmented and which will not provide the same performance and warmth as a Tansun heater.


This is why Tansun Shortwave heaters are the best solution for those hard to heat areas, and any outdoor applications and additionally give the flexibility to be mounted high up in indoor areas whilst still providing warmth where it is required.

Long Wave Infrared

  • Lamp runs at 300°C

  • Heater takes on average 5 minutes to warm up

  • Good for catering environments where no glass is allowed

  • 40% of energy is emitted as heat, with 60% of the energy used to heat the space around them

  • Susceptible to air movement

Medium Wave Infrared

  • Lamp runs at 900°C

  • Heater takes on average 30 seconds to warm up

  • Warms people and objects via the air.

  • 60% of energy is emitted as heat, with 40% of the energy used heating the air around

  • More suited for curing and drying processes rather than outside heating applications

  • Susceptible to air movement

Short Wave Infrared

  • Lamp runs at 2200°C

  • Instantaneous heat as soon as switched on

  • Warms people & objects directly

  • 92% of energy is emitted as heat, with only 8% heating the space

  • High intensity heat, that works like the sunshine

  • Perfect for outdoor areas

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