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Design Service 


Our Design Service – Expert Advice


At Heating NZ we provide a design service on a free of charge basis.
Over the years, Heating NZ has had the pleasure of helping numerous clients such as Restaurants, Warehouses, Property developers, and Commercial buildings with heating design meeting NZ building requirements.


Thus, have accumulated many years of technical expertise in the heating industry. 

Infrared Heating Design Service

While some environments require powerful infrared heaters like the Apollo Series or Monaco for large open spaces, other surroundings benefit better from low glare heaters like the Bahama series. The amount of heat required depends on some of the following factors:

  • building type and use

  • design of building

  • rate of air movement

  • temperature

  • size of area to be heated

If you send us the necessary information on the proposed scheme, we will create a proposed layout for the infrared heaters based on the particular building and environment they will come in, taking into account all the permutations we are informed about.

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