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Tansun Monaco Double 3kw

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Tansun Monaco

The Monaco is a powerful ultra low glare heater. Its design allows it to heat large areas, both indoors and out. Tansun Monaco is available in single 1.5 double 3.0 kw and triple 4.5 kW versions.. This range of larger heaters give exceptional performance and make Monaco the outstanding choice for any environment where a good level of heat is required but with much less glare normally associated with powerful infrared heaters.

This heater has an IP 55 rating, making it highly suitable for many outdoor environments.

Monaco heaters have a more focused beam than Bahamas meaning they throw the heat further, but they need to be mounted higher or further away to get good coverage. Monacos can also be hung or mounted directly overhead if required.

Monaco Double

This heater gives increased power and coverage compared to the Monaco Single, however it must be mounted at around 3 metres or more because of its high heat output.

It is supplied with 2 mounting brackets allowing vertical adjustment only.

Supplied with 2 power cables for individual switching.

Heats up to 20 sq metres. Applications as per Monaco Single but this heater is suitable for larger areas due to its larger throw distance. Available in Black.

Model Type MON 215IPD55D
Voltage (Volts) 230
No. of Lamps x Power (Watts) 2 x 1500 (Total 3000)
Current per Lamp (Amps) 6.5
Total Current of Unit (Amps) 13.0
Min. mounting height from floor (m) 3.0
Min. distance from ceiling (m) 0.5
Min. distance from side wall (m) 1.0

Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 790 x 227 x 323

Weight (kg) 5.6
Ingress Protected Yes
Mounting Wall or Ceiling hung

Connection 2 x 3.0m length cords with molded NZ/AU plugs

Package Contents Heater with 2 x L-Shaped wall mounting bracket and an instruction manual

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